Arizona Construction Litigation Attorney

Both property owners and hired construction contractors have rights when working together on a project. Property owners deserve to receive the services agreed upon, meeting quality standards and project deadlines. Contractors deserve to be paid promptly for their services when performed within the agreed terms. Unfortunately, often there are disputes regarding construction projects, resulting in litigation. Our team at QuinnLaw offers representation on both sides of construction litigation cases, dedicated to a fast resolution of the dispute.

Property Owner Contractor Disputes

Property owners have rights when it comes to payment disputes with contractors. While Arizona law guarantees prompt payment for contractors, this is based on the contractor meeting the requirements of the initial contract.

We represent property owners that have contractor disputes, including:

  • Breach of a construction contract by a contractor, claiming to be owed more than the agreed amount
  • Frivolous or invalid property liens
  • Construction liens placed on a property due to a general contractor not paying a subcontractor or material supplier
  • Contractor’s bond claims
  • Construction lien foreclosure litigation defense

If you are a property owner that is facing a construction contract dispute or litigation, our legal team will advise you on the best options to protect your investment.

Construction Contractor Litigation

Construction contractors are given legal protection for payment for their services under Arizona law. ARS 32-1129.01 outlines the Arizona prompt payment law, ensuring that contractors have protection regarding payment during and at the completion of construction projects. If you are a contractor that has been underpaid or not paid for the service you provided a client, you have right to receive the agreed payment.

At QuinnLaw, we understand the complexity of contractor and construction law. When our client is a contractor that has not been paid adequately for their services or needs to pursue a foreclosure lien against a property owner, we work diligently to ensure the process is streamlined. We understand that lack of payment can impact a contractor’s business and cash flow and strive to expedite the litigation as quickly as possible.

Both property owners and construction contractors have rights when it comes to completion and payment of construction projects. If you are on either side of construction litigation and need experienced legal representation in your case, contact our team at QuinnLaw for a consultation at our office in Phoenix.

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