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Purchasing or selling a home are often two of the largest financial transactions many people complete in their lifetime. Your home is not just your sanctuary for your family; it is often your largest asset. Protecting your investment is important, which is our primary goal when representing our residential real estate clients at QuinnLaw. We offer our legal expertise to ensure your home and investment is protected through purchases, sales, quiet title and foreclosure proceedings, as well as boundary and ownership disputes.

Residential Real Estate Purchases

Standard home purchases in Arizona generally involve real estate agents and title companies handling the majority of contracts and negotiations processes. But not all residential real estate purchases are standard. When you are buying a home directly through an owner, purchasing a home with rental property attached, or there are title issues or other disputes, you need an attorney on your side. Our team at QuinnLaw can ensure your interests are protected during any home or residential property purchases to avoid financial losses and other detrimental outcomes.

Selling Your Residential Real Estate

When it comes time to sell your home or residential property, it may not be as simple as you hoped. It is often during a selling transaction that issues come to the surface, such as boundary, title, or ownership disputes. There are also required disclosures about the property that might impact the sale, along with well and septic transfer issues.

At QuinnLaw, we can help you navigate the red tape of selling your home or property. Our team has extensive experience in Arizona real estate law and we are here to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Whether you are selling your property on your own or with the assistance of a real estate agent, we can mitigate the legal issues that may arise and help you portray your property in the best light to achieve the highest selling price.

Boundary Disputes

It is very common for boundary disputes to occur on residential properties, especially those that have been within the same family for many years. Property owners on either side of the adjacent property line can have different opinions on where the actual boundary exists. Our team at QuinnLaw is here to help you protect your investment and defend your right to every foot of property in your name. We can assist with ordering a survey, appraisal, title search, and the research needed to determine the true boundary line.

Whether you feel your neighbor is encroaching on your land, or a neighbor is insisting the new fence you are building is on their land, our legal team can help defend your position. We can draft settlement demands, represent you during litigation proceedings, and facilitate any court-ordered title or deed changes that are outcomes of your boundary dispute.

Quiet Title

When you purchase residential property that could possibly have claims to ownership upon it, it is important to pursue a quiet title action. When purchasing property that was sold after foreclosure or after the death of the owner, it is vital to clear any possible claims to the property from financial liens or heirs to the deceased. This can ensure there will not be legal issues or claims on the property down the road when you build or sell. QuinnLaw can pursue a quiet title action on your behalf to clear any clouds on your title to protect your investment.

Ownership Disputes

If you believe you have ownership rights to a property, or if someone claims ownership of your property, a legal battle can ensue. Jointly-owned property, boundary issues, inherited property and other situations can lead to ownership disputes that require legal intervention. Our team at QuinnLaw has the expertise and experience to ensure your ownership rights are protected and a resolution is reached to obtain clear legal ownership of the property in question.


Facing foreclosure on your property is a stressful situation. However, there may be options that can help you retain your home or property with legal assistance. Let our team at QuinnLaw fight for your rights and protect your investment. We have successfully represented clients during foreclosure, workout, and bankruptcy proceedings to find solutions and outcomes to benefit their situation.

Owning, selling, and purchasing real estate can come with many legal challenges. Let our team at QuinnLaw give you the legal edge on protecting your rights and investment. Contact our office in Phoenix if you need residential real estate legal advice or representation.

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