Outside General Counsel Services

Every business from small LLCs to large corporations needs legal advice and services to protect their interests. From employee disputes and financial transactions to client contracts and liability lawsuits, legal issues can appear at every turn in the business world. Many companies do not have an internal legal department and depend on outside general counsel for their ongoing legal needs. At QuinnLaw, we offer our outside general counsel services to businesses of all sizes in Phoenix.

Most of the business clients that have retained our firm as their outside general counsel called us when they needed a specific legal issue handled. However, as most business owners learn, legal issues are not a one-time occurrence. While many businesses do not require an in-house legal department, it is important to have legal counsel that understands your business. When a legal concern presents itself, you want a business attorney that already is familiar with your business and can efficiently handle the transaction or litigation needed.

Client-Centered Legal Representation

When you need to have a contract reviewed or are facing litigation issues, having a business attorney that you can trust is essential. You do not want to waste time explaining your business to a new lawyer every time you need legal counsel. Our team at QuinnLaw will take the time to understand your business’ operation and objectives to ensure that when you need us, we can efficiently handle your legal concerns.

Our role as general outside legal counsel is to offer strategic advice and counseling for our clients when business transactions have legal implications. Understanding the history, current operations and goals of our clients gives us a unique perspective when helping them through legal issues they may face.

Some of the many services we offer as outside general counsel can include:

  • Contract drafting, negotiating and review
  • Licensing and financial agreements
  • Purchasing, selling, or leasing property
  • Employment concerns
  • Litigation and risk management

Covering your legal bases in all business transactions is always prudent. Having a client-centered outside general counsel like our team at QuinnLaw ensures you have the advantage of a dedicated business attorney, without the expense of an on-staff lawyer. If you need business outside general counsel services in Arizona, contact our Phoenix office to schedule a consultation with one of our business attorneys.

Recovering the best price and terms for your commercial real estate sale requires expertise in the legal factors that can impact the transaction. Our team at QuinnLaw can help ensure your investment is protected through the sales process and facilitate a smooth transaction. We will work with you and your real estate agent or broker to determine the best sales price and terms. It is vital to consider any roll-back taxes, commissions, assessments and other costs that will be associated with the sale to determine the final terms and sales price. You will receive legal expertise through every step of the sale and our counsel to ensure you get the most value for your property.

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