Business and Real Estate Mediation

Any time there are two or more parties with vested interests in a real estate or business transaction, disputes can occur. Each party has its objectives and wants a resolution that will benefit its position. Unfortunately, not all disputes can be resolved through negotiations. While going to court for legal intervention is an option, it is also time-consuming and expensive. Another solution is mediation, offered by Ian Quinn at QuinnLaw in Phoenix.

Why Choose Mediation?

Mediation for business and real estate disagreements can offer a quicker, more satisfactory resolution for both sides involved. Most disputes involve a financial aspect – spending more money through expensive litigation to resolve an asset issue can defeat the purpose. Mediation allows both parties to be heard and speak to their concerns. The end result is not decided by a third party, but instead reached together amicably with the help of a non-partial mediator. This process is much quicker and more cost-effective than pursuing a court decision on the matter.

Real Estate Mediation

Real estate disputes are common. Issues can arise between buyers and sellers during sales involving information disclosed or money transactions. Real estate disagreements also occur in the lease or rental relationships, or with homeowner associations. Ian Quin is well-versed in real estate law and can help both parties find a solution to remedy real estate disputes that will be equitable and fair to both entities. Mediation is preferable to the long court process that can be frustrating and costly to resolve real estate misunderstandings.

Business Mediation

For businesses from small to large, litigation can tie up resources and time. When a business dispute occurs, another option is mediation. When two entities agree to settle their dispute outside of the courtroom, an understanding can be found quicker and with significantly less cost. Whether it involves two partners, employer/employee, vendor relations, or business contracts, mediation can often be the most efficient option to finding a favorable resolution.

Ian Quinn has many years of experience working with business owners, realtors, real estate owners and other professionals as an attorney. As a mediator for business and real estate disputes, he brings his expertise in real estate and business law to the table to help find a compromise that works for both parties in the dispute. Contact our office in Phoenix to learn more about our mediation services to find a amicable resolution for your business or real estate disagreement.

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