Legal Business Formation Experts

If you are starting a new business enterprise or considering a change for your existing business entity, our team at QuinnLaw can expedite your formation transactions. Choosing the right entity selection, creating operating agreements and other legal considerations can greatly impact the success of your business. Our extensive expertise in Arizona business law and formation options can ensure your business interests are protected with a solution that will reflect your financial goals.

Business Entity Selection

One of the most important decisions in creating a successful business is choosing the right entity for tax and operating purposes. Corporations, LLCs, partnerships, sole proprietorships, and variations of each have their pros and cons when it comes to tax liability, operating procedures, and legal risks. Our job at Quinn Law is to help our clients choose the entity that will best protect their business’ financial and growth potential and facilitate the legal actions needed during the formation of their business entity.

Our team at QuinnLaw can discuss the variations and benefits of different entity options. Whether you are starting a new company or looking to change the structure of an existing business, we can assist you in finding the most strategic entity option for your business. Once you determine the best selection for your business, you can trust our legal team to assist in proceeding with the needed steps for the formation and other aspects of organizing and planning your business entity.

Business Organization, Planning and Operating Agreements

There is a myriad of different legal aspects that need to be considered when forming a business. The larger and more complex the business entity, the more legal planning and organizing that is needed. At QuinnLaw, we can help you through the organization and planning phase of starting or growing your business. We can advise you on what legal operating agreements should be put in place to protect your business and draft these agreements, including partnership, employment, non-compete, buy-sell, NDA/confidentiality, and licensing agreements.

Let our team at QuinnLaw be your partner in forming your business with an eye looking forward to the future. Contact our office in Phoenix to schedule a consultation with our business formation and planning experts to begin exploring your options.

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