Arizona Business Contract Lawyer

When it comes to running a successful business, contracts are a necessary part of operation. From employee contracts and purchasing equipment, to obtaining financing and providing services, contracts are a part of day-to-day business operations. Our team at QuinnLaw can ensure you have the right contracts in place to protect your business in every interaction, offering our legal services for contract drafting, review and negotiations.

In almost all business marketspaces, contracts are a mainstay in everyday interactions. However, they should not necessarily be viewed as an ending point to an agreement, but a process to create an advantageous stronghold for your business. Our goal at QuinnLaw is to help our clients design contracts that will protect them from liability and give them a strategic advantage. It is a process of negotiating and forming a concise legal agreement between two parties that will secure a beneficial solution.

Negotiations and Drafting Contracts

Negotiating and drafting business contracts go hand-in-hand. In most cases, negotiations occur before and during the contract drafting process. Our firm works with our client to determine the goals of the contract and assist in the negation of the terms. Drafting a proposed contract is often only a starting point to continuing negotiations with the other party. Throughout the process, we work diligently and expediently to create a contract that will gain the most benefits and protection for our clients.
Negotiating and drafting a favorable business contract requires experience. The contract must be comprehensive enough to cover all the possible circumstances yet allow for some flexibility. We look carefully at all interpretations and enforcement contingencies to ensure that our clients’ goals will be protected if the contract is breached or put to the test.

Recovering the best price and terms for your commercial real estate sale requires expertise in the legal factors that can impact the transaction. Our team at QuinnLaw can help ensure your investment is protected through the sales process and facilitate a smooth transaction. We will work with you and your real estate agent or broker to determine the best sales price and terms. It is vital to consider any roll-back taxes, commissions, assessments and other costs that will be associated with the sale to determine the final terms and sales price. You will receive legal expertise through every step of the sale and our counsel to ensure you get the most value for your property.

Reviewing Business

When another party is drafting the business contract, our role as your legal counsel is to carefully negotiate your terms and review the contract to ensure it covers your interests. Our experience and expertise in business contract law can identify possible exclusions or inclusions that could impact your business if the contract ever needs to be enforced.

Considering the importance of contracts to your business, having an experienced business contract lawyer on your side is critical. To learn more about our business contract services or to schedule a consultation, contact our office in Phoenix.

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