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Divorce can be a messy in any form, and business divorce is no exception. Dissolving a business partnership is often more than just a financial decision; it can involve entities with long-term personal and professional relationships that both have vested time, effort and money into the business. Finding an equitable resolution can involve both the governing documents of the business and Arizona or other state statutes and extensive litigation. QuinnLaw’s extensive expertise in business law can benefit our clients that are undergoing a business divorce.

Breaking a legal business partnership or facilitating a business divorce can vary depending on the type of business entity. These dissolutions of business entities can involve completely dissolving the business, selling ownership to another partner or selling the business to a third party. Corporate divorces are often dictated by state law first, then governing documents of the corporation, while limited partnerships and LLCs are usually dictated by the governing documents of the business first, then the state statutes. Each business divorce litigation case is as unique as the businesses and individuals involved.

Protecting Your Investment During a Business Dissolutions

When a business divorce occurs, it often occurs due to a disagreement between partners or insolvency of the business or one of the partners. While the business does not necessarily need to be dissolved completely, to break the partnership, some form of dissolution must occur. Often partners cannot agree on the dissolution means, which is why litigation is necessary.

Our team at QuinnLaw can help protect your investment in your business and use the legal means necessary to pursue a desirable outcome in your business divorce litigation. Our expertise in business formations and state statutes governing business dissolutions is beneficial when negotiating a reasonable settlement of terms. Even though these types of cases can be complicated, we work diligently to reach a resolution quickly to reduce litigation costs for our clients.

If you are considering filing for a dissolution of a business partnership, or your business partner is pursuing a separation of your business, QuinnLaw can help ensure your investment is protected through the process. Contact our office in Phoenix to schedule a consultation with our litigation team.

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