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Corporate officers serve to guide and direct a company through a myriad of different market changes, political climates and obstacles. The decisions they make can impact the financial health of the companies they serve, for better and for worse. As corporate officers and directors, they can be held liable for their decisions and actions, both by the companies they serve and by other entities. At QuinnLaw, our litigation team handles officer liability claims from various perspectives.

Corporate Officer Representation

When our client is a corporate officer, they are often facing charges from government agencies or the company they served for inappropriate actions. An officer or director can be held liable for violations to regulations under many different government entities, including the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Department of Justice (DOJ), FDCA, FDIC and many other agencies. Corporate officers can also be facing commercial litigation lawsuits from their own companies, accused of making decisions that were in their own best interests instead of the company’s.

Corporate officer liability cases often begin with investigations of wrongdoing, either by the company they serve or a government agency. Our litigation team at QuinnLaw works to subvert further legal action against our client during the investigative stage, and if necessary, represent them if and when charges or a civil lawsuit is filed.

Pursuing an Officer Liability Lawsuit

The other side of the coin for officer liability claims is when our client is the company the officer served. It is unfortunate when evidence is uncovered that suggests a corporate officer used their high-level position to benefit their own interests and possibly cause financial harm to the company they served. In these cases, our litigation team works with our client to build a solid case against the officer proving their decisions or actions were self-serving and jeopardized the financial health of the company.

Both sides of officer liability litigation can be extremely complex. Quinnlaw’s experience and expertise in business law and the intricate balance of the corporate structure give us and our clients an advantage when handling these complicated cases.  Our litigation team works efficiently to reduce legal costs while striving for advantageous outcome for our client. Contact our office in Phoenix to discuss your officer liability case.

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