Real Estate Litigation Lawyer in Arizona

Protecting your real estate investment or rights to property can often escalate to a litigation matter. Our team at QuinnLaw has used our expertise in business, real estate, and litigation law to find equitable resolutions for our clients facing real estate litigation issues. We represent entities on both sides of real estate litigation cases, from property owners disputing boundary or ownerships issues to landlord evictions and commercial sale agreement disputes. Our goal is to provide our clients with comprehensive and efficient legal representation that results in a favorable outcome for their real estate litigation case.

Residential Real Estate Litigation

If you and a neighbor are having a boundary dispute or you want to fight quiet title proceedings regarding your claim to ownership, you need a qualified real estate litigator. Our team at QuinnLaw have vast experience in residential real estate litigation, helping our neighbors in local communities protect their interest in property investments. We handle litigation for real estate contract matters, quiet title and boundary disputes, partitions and ownership disputes, condemnation, real estate torts, deficiency actions, water rights and well disputes. Our attorneys are licensed to litigate in all of Arizona’s state courts, as well as Federal courts.

Commercial Real Estate Litigation

When your business is facing commercial real estate litigation, you need an experienced litigator on your side. Disputes regarding joint ownership of property are common; some of the other commercial real estate litigation issues we handle at QuinnLaw include:

  • Judicial and lien foreclosures
  • Evictions
  • Wrongful foreclosure actions
  • Commercial lease disputes
  • Eminent domain

Our team works diligently to minimize the time and expense needed to find a resolution in all commercial real estate litigation matters while maximizing the results for our clients. We represent clients in Arizona but have also resolved real estate litigation matters for clients in other states as well.

If you want to pursue a residential or commercial real estate litigation case or need to defend your interests in a real estate lawsuit, contact our team at QuinnLaw. We have an office in Phoenix to serve your real estate litigation needs.

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